Welcome to ZOVA

Welcome. We are glad you are here. ZOVA is a health center in Tulsa, OK that includes chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. We are a family-run practice that started with Dr Michael Van Antwerp in 2002 as Back to Health Wellness Center. We have grown since then but still treat patients like family and friends. You are never a number with us. You are part of our community, and we love seeing you get out of pain and reach your goals. We love watching your children grow, rejoice when you set new race PRs, and feel honored to treat your family. We are here for you and count it a blessing to be able to serve you in achieving your ideal health.

Folds of Honor donations from every initial evaluation and every maintenance visit.

Why Us?

We realize that there are many options out there including classic neck and back chiropractic, standard physical therapy, drugs and surgery. However if you are here then you must be seeking a solution that is beyond run-of-the-mill. ZOVA becomes a treatment idea to get the patient better faster. Our goal is to find the root of your pain or dysfunction. We believe that movement is medicine. Often a physical problem needs a physical solution not a chemical one. We seek to use the best ideas from many realms of body therapy to help you recover from joint and soft tissue injuries. We are always striving to be the best at what we do and are constantly improving our methods. We have shunned the idea of pop and see you later and have embraced the idea of individual attention in a community of natural health. We have been injured or had health problems ourselves, and we wanted a place to provide solutions for those problems. That is why ZOVA was created.


“He took the time to get to know me, my fitness goals, training regimen, etc and worked to tailor a plan to get me healthy for the last part of racing season.” -Jarrod

“My treatments were different every time I came in and were tailored specifically to my needs. He provided me with education, giving several exercises and stretches to maintain health on my own. My progress was real and almost immediate, only taking a few visits.” – Carey

“I had been seeing another doctor for an injury I incurred during a marathon and was not getting better. I met Dr Mike, and he fixed not just the injury but my other back problems. I refer everyone to him.” –Lesley

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