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He took the time to get to know me, my fitness goals, training regimen, etc and worked to tailor a plan to get me healthy for the last part of racing season.


My treatments were different every time I came in and were tailored specifically to my needs. He provided me with education, giving several exercises and stretches to maintain health on my own. My progress was real and almost immediate, only taking a few visits.


I had been seeing another doctor for an injury I incurred during a marathon and was not getting better. I met Dr Mike, and he fixed not just the injury but my other back problems. I refer everyone to him.


I was told by my orthopedic that running was not advisable for me because I have severe knee degeneration. I decided to try to run anyway and first came to see Dr Mike because I wanted to run injury free. I am happy to say that I have successfully completed several 5k and 10k races, The Tulsa Run and a Half Marathon all without injury.


My daughter had been participating in training and competitions for gymnastics for about six years. She had begun to experience pain in her feet, ankles and legs from the stress placed on her muscles and frame from training and competing. After just a few treatments, she began to notice significant improvement and reduction in pain. Not only did Dr Mike assist her pain reduction but he also gave her confidence to learn higher level, and more demanding skills.


He has helped me from running that very first half marathon to training and running over 15 half marathons and 5 full marathons. Needless to say, I would not be able to continue to run if it were not for his excellence assistance and care.


I came to ZOVA because of lower back pain, knee pain after surgery, and shin pain. After a few months of adjustments and massages, I went from doing nothing into playing basketball full time! My pain level went from a 8 to a 1. I also received strengthening and stretching exercises to help speed up my recovery. I now recommend ZOVA to all my friends and teammates.


Mary Joy

Within minutes of visiting with him, he knew what my problem was. After his diagnostic evaluation, he had a plan for making me pain free. A few visits later, I was living free of neck pain, the feeling to my finger was restored, and I was finally sleeping well.


A great doctor that knows what he is doing. I am so pleased and am going back to New York feeling like a new person. I thank God for Dr Mike and Oklahoma.


He and I work as a team to find the best solutions for my health. Because of his expertise and use of various techniques and other health producing modes such as high quality supplements, rock tape, physical exercise, and acupuncture, I have experienced and increase in health and mobility.


I had seriously injured my left shoulder in June, and the injury had developed into a very painful and limiting frozen shoulder condition. I had already experienced this same condition in my right shoulder, and I had undergone two surgeries to and more than a year of therapy to correct the condition in that shoulder. Not wanting to spend years and thousands of dollars on expensive and painful traditional therapy, I decided to take the advice of a friend and visit Dr Van Antwerp. The severe pain I had been experiencing was relieved after about four visits. Six months later I have no pain and about 80 percent of my range of motion restored. I am continuing to improved daily and expect to achieve full restoration of motion as result of the initial therapy and ongoing commitment to exercise that is helping to return my shoulder to normal working order.



Since Dr Mike started treatment I have really seen a big improvement in my wrist and elbow. My fingers no longer get numb, and I have a lot less pain than I did. I have a baby daughter that I take with me everywhere I go, and if I hadnít had these treatments I still wouldnít be able to lift or carry her.


He has always been honest with us, and if he didnít believe his treatment was working he let us know right away and helped refer us to someone that he thought could help.


I have been to several chiropractors and have never experienced great results than ones Iíve experienced here. Not only is Dr Mike a great doctor, but he really cares for people and their wellbeing.


His office is warm and his staff is extremely pleasant and personable. He strives to build a relationship with his patients, regardless of age, and is child friendly.


Very gentle with adjustments, doesn’t hurt you any.


One of my daughters had some nerve issues in her foot, and he was able to successfully restore her mobility.


When I first started to come to his practice I was in my twenties and had serious neck and back problems that stemmed from untreated injuries in my youth. Consequently this was also affecting my heart (by murmur and palpitations) and stomach (IBS), and I was having migraines every day. I have been to many chiropractors across the nation, but none gave me the care and results that I have received from him. He has provided a custom treatment for me as opposed to being confined to ëtext bookí. He took my pain and discomfort seriously and took extra care to relieve my pain.

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